Sugar Advisor: Hvorfor forhold bør være baseret på frihed

Do you know what excites men? Freedom. An opportunity to get away. A plan B. It gives them a sense of security. They are here because they feel like, not because they are forced to be. The funny thing is that women want the exact opposite. We will happily be locked inside the marriage cage. Only then do we feel safe and calm. We feel relief. “The hunt is over”. For men, especially those in longer relationships or marriages, the hunt never ends.

I’m not saying they’re unfaithful right away. They value women. And you should too. Admire women exactly as he does. Do you bump into an attractive blonde in the street? Yes, she exists. You should turn her head after her like a typical alpha male. As long as you keep the exit open, he will be crazy about you. Remind him once in a while that you are open to his friends, triangles and traveling separately. I can assure you that none of the above options will happen. If the cage is open, he will not fly away. He might jump into freedom for a moment, but soon return. It is secondary whether it is a relationship, friendship or sugardating. For every kind of relationship, we need an indispensable element – the freedom to choose.

People do not believe that they can feel free in long-term relationships or marriages. After all, after all, we have committed ourselves “to death separates us”. I’m not saying we should break the promise. I simply show an opportunity to replenish energy. The feeling of freedom brings joy, but also fear. That is why men always fly back to the nest. They have been fighting for freedom for centuries. When they get it, they suddenly become completely monogamous. Maybe he’ll go up to the bar and check out a hot brunette, but he’ll return to your bed and tell you all about her tits. To you, he can be honest. No bullshit, no taboos, only honesty. He doesn’t want to hide anything from you, because he doesn’t have to.

Nothing strengthens a relationship like being far apart. Traveling is your blessing. When you long for your beloved, you will appreciate him. Business trips, vacations, visits to parents and extra hours at work are actually the best medicine for the relationship. It is the separation from the routines that makes your relationship alive. Routine is only good FOR CHILDREN. If you want to have sex more than once a week and feel freedom and chemistry, then kill the routine.

I will present an experiment to you that I have heard of. There were a couple who were engaged for 10 years. No energy. No sex. A gray everyday life. The man decided to paint a line running through the middle of their apartment. Afterwards, they should continue to live a normal life without crossing the line to the other’s side. They didn’t have to touch each other, kiss each other or sleep together. They could talk together and look at each other. There were no changes in the energy for about 4 weeks. Then they began to miss each other. While in the same apartment! They longed for tightness and tenderness. They began to speak boldly to each other from each side of the line. The energy exploded. After the experiment, they experienced cohesion as never before. They decided to get married soon after,


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